The Poker etiquette

    Poker etiquette – what is possible and what is not 🙂 In life situations, compliance with appropriate etiquette gives you confidence in yourself, allow you to concentrate on more important questions and sometimes dominate in some situations people who do not know the correct etiquette.
     The same situation at the poker table, the first visit to the public card casino, almost always scares. Here we will give you some tips that will help you look “seasoned” in the shortest possible time.

  1. Play at a reasonable speed. Every time you come across a decision that requires some reflection, no one will mind if you sometimes pause to think.
  2. Be polite. Poker can sometimes be annoying, but hassle with other players, or criticism of their games are not constructive. Some people may remember this behavior for a long time. Verbal skirmishes with players that you do not like can help you not show your best game. Showing your incontinence, you can become a victim of a more experienced rival who will notice that you are “not in shape” today.
  3. Observe the order of the turn. Perform game actions only when your turn has come. By making a game move earlier than expected, you give redundant information for players still in the game.
  4. Do not show your cards until showdown. If you fold, gently move your cards to the dealer face down. If you “light up” them unintentionally, or intentionally, this will give information to other players in the game, and may affect the final draw of the hand.
  5. Do not carry chips off the table. Sometimes winning players try to pick up chips from the table and put them in their pockets. They apparently believe that this is their win. This is not allowed. If you entered the game, the chips should remain on the table until you leave it.
  6. If you are not in the game – keep silence. If you do not participate in the hand, you do not care about the outcome of this hand. (This is twice true, if you don’t sit at the table at all, but only from the side). Advancement of theories that someone may have or why you dropped may prevent other players from carrying out their plan.
  7. Do not insult the dealer. Throwing cards in the dealer, foul language, only introduces you as not a sophisticated and not a mature player. The dealer does not try to give you bad or good cards, it happens by chance.