Portrait of an ideal poker player

    A successful poker game requires many qualities, including a good knowledge of mathematics, the ability to make quick decisions, and the presence of analytical thinking. Something is given to man by nature, but something he gains over time independently. In Europe, a recent study was conducted to determine how experience, gender, and age affect a player’s success.

Poker experience

    Poker can actively learn the theory: to sort out poker tasks, to closely study poker strategies. However, he will not achieve a tangible result, until he starts using his knowledge in practice. A number of qualities necessary for a successful game come to poker players only empirically. Playing regularly, poker players will increasingly make the right decisions. Intuition plays a significant role in this. As a result, the number of hands won and the total income increase.
    “Beginners are lucky” is a traditional statement in the environment of gambling. However, it is not correct to apply this statement to poker. A person who has recently registered in the room cannot be considered a 100% beginner player. Most of these people have certain experience and skills to play. A person usually performs registration, expecting, for example, to get a lucrative bonus.

Poker Age

    25 years old is the most common age for active poker. The generation aged 20 to 30 years has a good level of computer skills. In addition, this age group is actively using mobile devices. A poker game they most often see as a way to make money. Older people tend to play poker. In this case, the game itself is considered not as a way to make money, but as a hobby. The older generation is even ready to lose some amount, having received in return the pleasure from the process of the game. However, different desires do not determine the player’s success. According to the study, older successful players are much more than young pros.

Gender poker player

    Among poker players, the proportion of men reaches 90%. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity among poker players are 9 times smaller. Women have the ability to make quick decisions, as well as the ability to perform several actions at the same time. Men, in turn, are much better at analyzing the situation at the poker table and making the most optimal decision.
    Men and women have different attitudes toward poker. For women, this is entertainment. Men, however, treat poker as an opportunity to earn money.