Dealer in poker games

    The concept of “dealer” in poker has several meanings. Among them are three of the most basic: a person who deals cards, who plays on behalf of a croupier’s casino and a certain position at the gaming table.
    If the game takes place in a club or casino, a special person is given who hands out cards to players.
    This is done to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure maximum integrity of the game. The dealer, in this case, does not take part in the sweepstakes. But its functions include a whole range of actions.

– issuing cards to players, opening community cards;

– control the procedure for making antes and blinds;

– control of the size of the bank, rates, counting the number of chips;

– monitoring compliance with the rules during the game;

– tracking the time allotted to the player for a move or decision;

– determining the winner at the stage of opening the cards, determining the amount of winnings.

    There are several types of poker, in which the dealer also acts on behalf of the casino or club, but directly participates in the rallies.
    Oasis, Caribbean poker, 3-card poker, Russian poker and many other types of games imply the presence of a croupier in the draw.
    Dealer at the same time performs all the same functions for the distribution of cards, monitoring compliance with the rules, determining the winner.
    Basically, all games are one-on-one. The balance of odds is maintained by a system in which the player has significantly more leverage in the rally (the right of the first move, the exit from the game, the determination of the bet level, and so on), and the dealer has a slight organizational advantage (including the right of last move).
    Position at the table determines the order of the turn of a player. This is a very important parameter in the game, since the later move the more likely it is to accurately determine your chances of winning, including mathematical ones. Early positions always imply a certain unknown, because the player does not know whether the players after him will bet, how many chips they will add to the bank, and so on. In this sense, the button is the most convenient position to enter the game.
    In fact, this is the position of the distributor, but since there is a special poker club dealer for issuing cards, it has a symbolic character and is determined by a counter-clockwise chip of the same name.